1. Table & Chair for All
– It aims to provide basic school equipment, mainly focusing on school tables and chairs,  for students in vulnerable schools around Asia-Pacific region.
– The BbB works to deliver school tables, chairs and other school equipment including stationary, clothes, shoes and sports equipment for Timorese students.

2. Scholarship for Future
– Person-to-Person individual scholarship for poor young students
– Mentoring program

3. Dreaming Library for Young Peoples

4. Centre for Korean Language and Culture (Timor-Leste)
– Korean language is one of the most important language for poor Timorese who has Korean dream to work in South Korea, the only country accepts Timorese for legal immigrant working. The centre gives Timorese who has no chance to learn Korean by financial difficulty a life chance to work in South Korea, and supports their new life in South Korea.
– To establish a Korean language and culture centre with the University of Dili
– To train Korean language teachers
– To provide materials for learning Korean